Charcoal Grills

For over 40 years Lifestyle BBQs have been making the finest quality gas BBQs right here in Sydney. In recent years we have added a charcoal version at the request of customers who prefer the unique flavour and aroma that comes with cooking over

Customers often combine both a gas and a charcoal BBQ in their outdoor kitchen design. This gives them the convenience of gas for day to day cooking and the traditional flavour of charcoal for those special family Sunday BBQs.

With a heavily reinforced charcoal bed that can easily lift out for cleaning, the Lifestyle charcoal BBQ is tough enough to do the job while remaining an attractive addition to your beautiful outdoor kitchen.


The design is based on our gas range so all the built-in specifications for the two, three, four and five burner gas BBQs will be the same for the Charcoal Roaster. They are available as built in or free standing mobile BBQs or as part of your new Lifestyle outdoor kitchen.