Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

Australian Made

Use the selection guide below to design your outdoor kitchen, starting with one of the barbeque modules below.

Specification Guide:
  1. Specify barbeque frame size:
    2 burner, 3 burner, 4 burner 5 burner.
  2. Specify fuel and connection:
    LPG Cylinder, LPG Bayonet, Natural Gas Bayonet or Charcoal.
  3. Specify stainless steel plate & grill combination from our range of sizes. See website for details.
  4. Specify flat lft-away SS lid or roasting hood with/without ceramic glass viewing window.
  5. Specify BBQ cabinet, either tilt lift door (TCI) or two drawer cabinet (TCD).
  1. a) Specify cabinets to each side (identify left or right hand side for each cabinet selected.)
    b) Specify benchtop horizontal depth: 480mm (standard) or 675mm (V40) Note, V40 is the preferred depth.
    c) Where there are two or more adjacent cabinets select a single seamless benchtop spanning multiple cabinets.
  2. Specify trolley side panel cover if your assembly terminates with a barbeque module.
  3. Specify castors, adjustable stainless steel legs or structural stainless steel plinth. Please note that castors are not suitable for units featuring a beverage centre or sink.

Note: Select V40 benchtop depth to position cabinet against a wall or if a Beverage Centre or Dishwasher is required.