The Lifestyle Charcoal Roaster

Operating a Lifestyle Charcoal BBQ

A lot of customers have been asking me for the best method for lighting one of our charcoal BBQs.

I thought I might seek some expert advice so I contacted Nazih from Organic BBQ Charcoal to see if I could get a few tips.

Naz was good enough to come over to the Lifestyle BBQs factory at Padstow to give us a hand.

Basically there are two methods for lighting a charcoal BBQ.

You can either use firelighters

Or you can use a Chimney BBQ starter on a side burner

If you’re using firelighters simply place a reasonable mound of charcoal into the charcoal bed and position the firelighters on top.

Light the firelighters and if you have a roasting hood on your BBQ leave it in the upright position so that the charcoal has plenty of air intake.

Once the charcoal is well alight (about 15-20 minutes) you can add more Charcoal and use your long handled tongs to spread the charcoal around the bed to suit.

If you have a Chimney BBQ starter and some sort of wok/side burner then it’ll be even easier to get your charcoal BBQ started.

First you fill the Chimney BBQ starter to about full. Next turn on your wok burner and set it to high. Then you just place the BBQ starter on top of the wok burner and in about 5 minutes the charcoal will be well alight.

Once the Charcoal is well alight then you just tip it into the BBQ. Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of Charcoal in the tray of the BBQ.

Use long handled tongs to spread the Charcoal around until you are satisfied that you have enough charcoal for the afternoon or evening of cooking that you have planned.

The most important thing now is to wait until the fire has died down enough so that you can cook your food properly without causing unnecessary flare ups and burning the outside.

When I did the cook up in the attached pictures I filled the tray with about 8kg of charcoal so I had to wait 2 hours before I started cooking. There’s no rush though because the coals were good to cook on for 3 hours after that. If you want to keep the BBQ going all day just add charcoal as needed.

From lighting the charcoal to being ready to cook the time will vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the amount of charcoal used and the type of food you are cooking and the result you’re after.

The most important thing is that by using a Lifestyle Charcoal BBQ you will enjoy wonderful flavours with this traditional style of barbequing.

Don’t forget that you can combine the traditional flavour of Charcoal with the convenience of gas by installing a Lifestyle gas and a separate Lifestyle Charcoal BBQ in your Outdoor Kitchen.

Just measure your available area and then talk to us about an Outdoor Kitchen to suit your needs.

If you’d like to purchase some top quality BBQ Charcoal then talk to Nazih from Organic BBQ Charcoal.

All that’s left to do now is get your friends and family together to enjoy a traditional Charcoal BBQ cooked on an Australian Made Lifestyle Charcoal BBQ.