Built in BBQs Selection Guide

Please refer to the relevant images and dimensions shown on page’s 8 & 9 of the Lifestyle Brochure to determine the ideal sizes for your benchtop recess if designing a structure to suit the barbeque or if you are selecting a barbeque to suit an existing structure. If you’re not sure just give us a call and we can work it out.

You can specify your own Lifestyle built-in barbeque from our modular system by making a selection at each level of the guide below (email back your preferences and we will reply to you with a formal quotation) Better yet call our office for expert advice and a quote on the spot.

  1. Frame Size. The first decision is for you to select the size of barbeque frame (BF) firebox size to suit the scale of your outdoor area and the numbers of people you wish to cater for. That is, 2-Burner with cooking area 480mm wide; 3-Burner (640mm wide); 4-Burner (800mm wide) or 5-Burner (960mm wide) cooking surface.
  2. Fuel Type. Then let us know if you wish to use propane fuel (9kg portable cylinders or large LPG cylinders for household gas supply) or Natural Gas (select NG KIT) or Charcoal.
  3. Mounting System. Then select the mounting system of your choice.

    BI KIT- 1
    A simple set of recess brackets to suit new or existing structures. The BI KIT-1 gives the BBQ a 30mm stainless steel flange on either side so it can rest on the benchtop.

    Download data sheet

    BI KIT- 3
    If space is an issue or you’re looking for something different then this set of wall mount brackets might be the way to go.

    Download data sheet

    BI KIT- 4
    For an existing cavity that you can’t find a BBQ size to match, the BI KIT-4 is just what you need. A 100mm stainless steel flange with a 70mm vertical return will allow you to fit the closest size Lifestyle BBQ and cover off any gaps.

    Download data sheet

    BI KIT- 5
    Also known as the Premium Built in Kit because it’s the easiest and best looking way to build a lifestyle BBQ into a new outdoor kitchen. We use it in our Designer Series outdoor kitchens.

    Download data sheet

  4. Plate and Grill Combination. Then select your stainless steel plate and grill combination (or ‘burner pack’, BPI). One burner pack price covers all plate and grill options for the barbeque frame size of your choice. You can customise your cooking surfaces, eg if you require more of the cooking area to be made up of grill rather than hot plate, or vice versa. (You may also require additional grills or plates to configure your cooking surfaces in a variety of ways for different recipes or numbers of guests). Please see the plate and grill selection guide for the BBQ frame size you have selected.
  5. Roasting Hood. You can select one of two kinds of roasting hood – International (RHI, with furnace grade ceramic glass viewing window) or Sea View (RHP, full stainless steel without viewing window). Or if you do not want to be able to prepare roasts on your barbeque (open grilling and frying only) you may select a flat stainless steel rain cover (RCF) instead.
  6. Matching Stainless Cabinet. If you want to build in your Lifestyle barbeque complete with the matching cabinet, you will need to order the trolley and cabinet kit with tilt-lift door at the front (TCI) or two drawer BBQ cabinet (TCD) and two of the side panel covers (TSPC) to ‘trim’ the top of the cabinet side panels on each side of the barbeque frame.
  7. Foot Detail. There are three options for building in the barbeque with matching stainless steel cabinet. Either on castors (default standard – no selection required) for easy removal, eg for periodic cleaning OR screw-adjustable stainless steel legs (excellent for precise level adjustment – select LSS KIT) OR stainless steel plinth (most visually appealing option – select PLN KIT).
  8. Side Burner. To have a side burner fitted (usually to the right hand side of the barbeque frame) select the Side Burner Kit (S/B KIT). If you want to build a side burner into a stone or tile benchtop, you should select this item. If you wish to fit the Side Burner to the left hand side, you should select left hand side gas entry (MHLS)
  9. Assembly and/or Delivery. If you want your barbeque assembled select ASSY. If you want it delivered anywhere in the Sydney Metro area select DEL. (for other locations anywhere in Australia or Internationally call or email to request delivery charge). If you want your barbeque assembled and delivered select BOTH items. Note that outside of Sydney barbeques are only delivered in flat pack form for you to assemble to our quality assembly instructions (obtainable from our website on the “Owners Information” page). The image below shows the BI KIT-5 Premium Kit.