Built-in & Free Standing

Stainless Steel BBQs

Don't settle for the ordinary when you can savour the extraordinary. With unmatched elegance, durability and functionality, stainless steel BBQs are the epitome of style and performance!

Picture yourself hosting memorable gatherings in your backyard, savouring the mouthwatering aroma of grilled steaks, burgers, and vegetables. Our stainless steel BBQs are crafted to elevate your grilling game and impress even the most discerning taste buds. From their remarkable resistance to corrosion and rust to their unparalleled heat retention capabilities, our BBQs ensure optimal cooking results every time.

Choose from sleek built-in BBQs , convenient free-standing options , or charcoal roaster BBQs for a richer, smokier flavour. At Lifestyle, you have the chance to personalise your dream BBQ right down to the plate and grill combinations. View our range below, download a brochure, and get in touch for a free quote today!


With almost 50 years in the industry, Lifestyle BBQs has become one of the most loved brands of Australian-made BBQs and is in fact the only BBQ manufacturer remaining in Sydney. Choose from our free-standing options for a convenient, portable solution, or create your dream cooking space with a reliable built-in BBQ. With BBQs to suit existing traditional backyard brick recesses to custom-built outdoor entertaining areas, our product range is truly second to none.

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Free Standing BBQ - International Range

Free Standing

See our range of free-standing BBQs for a great mobile option.

Lifestyle Built In BBQ with Premium Built In Kit
Lifestyle BBQ with premium built-in kit

Built-in BBQs

Choose from our range of modern, Australian made built-in BBQs.

Barbeques outdoor kitchens Sydney pizza ovens
The Lifestyle Charcoal Roaster BBQ

Charcoal BBQs

Enjoy the unique flavour of charcoal cooking with our Charcoal Roaster.

Our BBQs are

Australian Designed
& Manufactured

Since 1976, we’ve designed and manufactured Australian-made barbeques right here in Sydney. With superior heat retention, corrosion resistance, and premium performance, our stainless steel BBQs have become a staple in Australian backyards.

Made With Premium
304 Grade Stainless Steel

Not all stainless steel is made the same. You need the right grade to ensure a long lifespan even in the harshest coastal conditions. We utilise 304 stainless steel for its corrosion resistance and heat tolerance, maintaining your BBQ’s strength and sleek appearance for years to come.

Easy to Use
& Clean

Our stainless steel BBQs have electropolished plates, creating a passive layer for corrosion resistance and durability. Plus, the surface is microscopically smooth, making the plates easier to clean — even after the messiest BBQ!

Free Standing BBQs

All Lifestyle Barbeques share the same premium quality features:

For the ultimate Australian grilling experience, choose Lifestyle BBQs! With an optional side burner for sauces and marinades, steaming, sauteing and stir-frying, you’ll have an all-in-one cooking experience in the Great Outdoors.

Why choose a Lifestyle International Barbeque?

Click the + buttons below to view the features.

Lifestyle barbeques Sydney free standing barbeque

Roasting hood with wide ceramic glass viewing window and temperature gauge

Extra-wide side serveries strong enough to use for lifting the BBQ

Convenient tilting door retracts underneath the BBQ frame and right out of the way

Fully enclosed cabinet for safe storage of utensils and accessories

Electropolished stainless steel plates and grills are beautiful to cook on and easy to clean

Optional side burner allows you to cook sauces and marinades, steam, sauté and stir-fry without leaving the BBQ

Lifestyle Built In BBQ with Premium Built In Kit
Lifestyle BBQ with premium built-in kit

Built-in BBQs

Whether you’re building a new outdoor kitchen or need a built-in BBQ to fit an existing set-up, Lifestyle BBQs is your number one choice for premium stainless steel BBQs. We have various built-in designs and configurations that can be customised to fit the size and aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen.

For trouble-free installation, we recommend shipping your new BBQ directly to your fabricator before cutting stone benchtops. If you have any questions about the customisation and ordering process, please contact us at (02) 9773 6245 or sales@lifestylebbqs.com.

Charcoal Roaster BBQ

For over 40 years Lifestyle BBQs have been making the finest quality gas BBQs right here in Sydney. In recent years we have added a charcoal version at the request of customers who prefer the unique flavour and aroma that comes with cooking over charcoal.

These are completely separate units from our gas BBQs which is very important when it comes to safety.

With a heavily reinforced charcoal bed that can easily lift out for cleaning, the Lifestyle Charcoal BBQ is tough enough to do the job while remaining an attractive addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Barbeques outdoor kitchens Sydney pizza ovens


Ordering a new BBQ with us is easy! Click “get a FREE quote” under your preferred BBQ configuration (e.g. free-standing, built-in, or charcoal roaster) and complete our online form. We’ll ask a few questions, like your desired BBQ frame size and fuel supply, and provide an obligation-free quote ASAP.

From here, our team will be in touch to ensure we have all the details and organise payment so we can start the manufacturing process here in Sydney!

Of course! You can email us photos or plans and a wishlist of desired features for your outdoor kitchen, and we’ll prepare a quote based on your preferences. We offer Australian-made stainless steel kitchens and our “Designer Series”, which is completely customisable and stylish.

Absolutely. From control knobs to LPG hoses, a spare temperature gauge, warming racks, windows and more, we offer a complete catalogue of BBQ parts to restore your Lifestyle BBQ to its full potential.

Our BBQs are available from two-burners to five-burners, with an optional side burner available for cooking sauces and marinades or steaming, sauteing, or stir-frying additional ingredients. You can select whatever plate and grill combination you like, and we’ll make it happen.

Our BBQs have been designed and manufactured in Australia for over four decades, and our team can tell you first-hand how our BBQs are manufactured, how long they’ll last, and how well they’ll work. We pride ourselves on our expertise in BBQ design and commitment to quality — our BBQs heat up faster while using less gas than other BBQ designs!