Wood Fired

Pizza Ovens Sydney

Whilst our ovens are loved and enjoyed for cooking fantastic pizza in seconds, they are not just a pizza oven. Our wood-fired ovens can cook virtually anything, from freshly baked bread, pasta bakes, roasted vegetables, meats and delicious fish in minutes.


We ensure the very best quality and service for our pizza ovens. Oven floors must withstand and maintain high temperatures, so we use volcanic lava for our wood-fired ovens. The solid lava rock heats very quickly and cools slowly for incredible fuel efficiency.

Australian-Made Pizza Oven

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Nonno Peppe

Named after Grandpa Giuseppe and made in Italy from 100% pure stainless steel, our Forno Allegro Nonno Peppe oven is beautifully designed and handcrafted by artisans.
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The Pizzaiolo Wood Fired Pizza Oven was designed to meet the demand of commercial customers who needed a larger format oven capable of cooking several pizzas at once.

Our Pizza Ovens are

in Italy

Our 100% Italian products have been tried and tested around the world and function in freezing to tropical climates!

Made from 100%
Pure Stainless Steel

Unlike ovens made of clay and various refractory materials, our stainless steel won’t crack and is completely weather resistant.

Fuel Efficient

Our twin wall thermally insulated stainless steel domes ensure that the oven stays hotter for longer with slow cooldowns.

Nonno Peppe


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