Designer Series Outdoor Kitchens Selection Guide

How to specify your Designer Series Outdoor Kitchen




For all of our Lifestyle Barbeques and “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen Range in particular, you can specify your own needs by making your selection at each level of the Outdoor Kitchens 10 step guide below:

  1. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 1: The first decision is for you to select the Barbeque Frame (BF) or firebox size to suit your cooking needs. That is either 2-Burner, 3-Burner, 4-Burner or 5-Burner. The respective widths of each is W=686; 844mm; 1006mm and W=1166mm


  2. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 2: Now decide if you plan to fuel the barbeque via portable LPG cylinder, LPG bayonet, Nat Gas bayonet, or Charcoal. For the traditional alternative to gas barbequing, select a Charcoal Roaster (eg 4B BF-CR) instead of, or in addition to, the Barbeque Frame of your choice in 1. above. Lifestyle Charcoal Roasters are of identical modular dimensions to our gas-fired Barbeque Frames
  3. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen Step 3: All Lifestyle barbeques fueled with LPG or Nat Gas are manufactured with gas entry to the right hand side. If there is an existing fixed supply of gas (ie a bayonet) already in place to the left hand side of the barbeque specify left-hand side gas entry.
  4. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen Step 4: Now select the Premium Built-In Kit featuring twin-wall, air-insulated 304 grade stainless steel assembly to wrap around the Barbeque Frame and adapt it to and insulate it from, the Barbeque Cabinet recess.
  5. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen Step 5: Select the stainless steel plate and grill combination that suits how you like to use the barbeque. We call this the “Burner Pack” because we package the heavy plates, grill, burners and barbeque internal components separately from all other items. There is no additional charge to customise your cooking surface for your outdoor kitchen. You can have a large plate and small grill (or vice versa) or half plate and half grill … or ask for the standard plate and grill combination for the barbeque size you have selected. Choose from the range of plate widths of 160, 200, 240, 320, 400, 480, 560, 640, 720mm and BBQ grill widths of 160, 200, 240, 320, 400mm to span the width of the cooking area selected above. You will need to have a minimum of 160mm grill in your selection to provide ventilation to the firebox. Or you may find it easier to refer to the .pdf titled (eg) 4B Plate and Grill Options
  6. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 6: To cover the cooking surface you may select one of two kinds of Roasting Hood. The International Roasting Hood (RHI), with furnace grade ceramic glass viewing window so you can see how your roast is developing without having to lift the hood and allow heat to escape or Sea View (RHP), full stainless steel without viewing window. Or if you do not want to roast or bake or prepare slow-cooking recipes in general, you can select a stainless steel “lift-away” Flat Rain Cover (RCF).
  7. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 7: Then select the Two-Drawer Barbeque Cabinet (eg 5B BCDK) corresponding to the barbeque frame size selected in 1. above. This item is the supporting cabinet construction beneath the barbeque. The central barbeque unit comprising frame, burner pack, roasting hood and trolley and cabinet will then have an overall cabinet width of 2B = 686mm; 3B = 846mm, 4B = 1006mm and 5B = 1166mm.
  8. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 8: Then select the Benchtop Infil (eg 5B BTI) which adds the Benchtop segment behind the barbeque, aligning with rear edge faces of benchtops of the Modules that will be situated to left and right hand sides of the barbeque.
  9. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 9: Most Outdoor Kitchens have cabinets on both sides of the barbeque cabinet. However if you intend the barbeque to be the final, terminating module at either end of the outdoor kitchen assembly, you may, after completing your specification, decide to add a much smaller than standard size Module (but no less than Width W=100mm) to terminate the Outdoor Kitchen Assembly. This is a Custom Pedestal Extension, (Item Code CPE-xx) featuring a fixed front panel which does not open. It has the effect of adding visual ‘balance’ the final design.
  10. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 10: Now begin adding Cabinet Modules, starting with the left hand side. If you require a cabinet with plain bench space above (uninterrupted by additional appliances) Select either the smaller, single door cabinet of (Item Code 1B CDK-1) or the large twin-door cabinet (Item Code 3B CDK-1) All 1B Cabinets are width W=480mm and all 3B Cabinet Units are width W=810mm. The suffix “-1” denotes plain, continuous benchtop above the cabinet
    • Gas Cooktop, Single. If, in addition to barbequeing, you want to be able to boil, steam, simmer, sautee or stir fry, select a module with the black ceramic glass Single 19.0MJ Wok Burner, ie Item Codes 1B CDK-2 or 3B CDK-2. Be sure to nominate whether you require the module to be fitted to LHS or RHS of the barbeque. NOTE that unless you have a second bayonet or gas cylinder, the gas fuel supply is routed first to the Wok Burner and then to the Barbeque, that is, the two appliances are connected “in series”. This requires the Wok Burner to be positone adjacent to either side of the barbeque.
    • Gas Cooktop, Twin. If you would prefer to have the 3B Cabinet, Drawer and black ceramic glass Dual 19MJ/hr Wok Burner, select Item Code 3B CDK-3. It is only available in the ‘3B’ Cabinet option, W=810mm. This option for two gas ring burners is great for people who only have electric cooktops indoors or who want to do most of their cooking outside or if Asian-style high-heat stir frying is an important part of meal preparation. The dual side burner occupies most of the bench space of this 3B Cabinet module.
    • Obtaining Water and Washing Up. If you want to be able to wash-up cutlery, glasses and small plates and utensils and to clean and drain food portions, select a 1B or 3B Cabinet Module featuring the stainless steel undermount 17 litre undermount Sink & Mixer, Item Codes 1B CDK-3 or 3B CDK-4. This is the smallest sink bowl and is usually selected where bench space is limited.
    • Medium sized Sink Bowl. For something a little larger select the 30 litre undermount Sink & Mixer, Item Codes 1B CDK-4 or 3B CDK-8. Apart from being larger and more versatile for washing up larger utensils, ovenware and crockery, this size sink also offers the option to add a timber food preparation board to cover the sink when not in use. If you require it, please select Timber Prep Board (PPB-30) to specify the optional preparation board with this sink. This sink is positioned by default in the middle of the benchtop. Your can add “-OL” or “-OR” eg if you want to have the sink “offset to left hand side” to maximize your bench space between barbeque and sink. There is no price impact associated with this decision.
    • Largest Sink Bowl. If you want to be able to comfortably wash up all large and heavy barbeque plates, grills, roasting racks etc outside and you have plenty of bench space in your intended design, select 3B Cabinet, Deep 38 litre Sinktop and Mixer, Item Code 3B CDK-5. The sink is fitted centrally within and takes up most of the W=846mm cabinet benchtop area. The 38 litre sink can be used as an open ice chest when not in use for washing up, especially if you do not intend to include a beverage centre for refrigeration. The sink has a lift away timber cover available as an option to partially cover the sink when not in use. Select the same Item Code PPB-30 to include it.
    • Refrigeration. Adding a triple-glazed glass door beverage centre is an attractive and highly functional addition to your outdoor kitchen. If you have complete protection from direct sunlight in at least part of the area when you want to position your outdoor kitchen, you can specify the under-bench Vintec V40 Beverage Centre, Item Codes V40 BVC and its associated ventilated Cabinet enclosure, Item Code T40 CAB. If you have any level of direct exposure to sunlight in the position where you want to include the Beverage Centre, you will need to consult with ABM to understand the performance limitations of all refrigeration devices under these conditions and obtain a recommendation for the best alternative design options and equipment selections to obtain great performance and durability for the long term.
    • More Refrigeration. If you have room and budget extends far enough you can add a second beverage centre adjacent to, or removed from, the first. Or you can specify a twin or triple-door Beverage Centre, Item Codes RH2 & T40RH2 and RH3 & T40 RH3 respectively
    • Dishwasher. If you want your outdoor kitchen to feature a dishwasher, specify the Miele Stainless Steel-front GU1082 Dishwasher and the same T40 CAB as above to house the appliance.
  11. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 11: Continue adding 1B CDK-1,-2,-3,-4 and/or 3B CDK-1,2,3,4,5,7,8 modules in any sequence with any other 1B, 3B, T40 Fridge/Dishwasher or BCDK Barbeque modules to extend your outdoor kitchen in either direction to create more benchtop area and more storage volume until you run out of room (or your budget is exceeded). Add the total of their respective Widths, W to find the overall Width, WO of your Assembly. Compare it with the Width of the available area, WA and determine the difference, WA-WO=Width Remaining WR. Reselect the cabinet modules and re-order their sequence to obtain the ideal match of the features you want, that gives the closest fit with your available Width, WA
  12. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 12: If you outdoor kitchen must fit within and fill all of the area between site constraints to the left and right hand sides (eg an “alcove”) the Width Remaining WR, can be built as a Custom 1B CDK-1 at a width not less than W=300mm. If WR is less than 300mm the additional Cabinet volume and Benchtop area will be created as CPE-xx for one or both sides. This Item is a Custom Pedestal Extension with a fixed front panel which does not open.
  13. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 13: If you have two or more 1B CDK or 3B CDK modules adjacent to one another, on the LHS of the barbeque you will need to select a 3B Multiple Bay Custom Benchtop (3B BT-x) to span the cabinets with a single continuous benchtop. Then there will be no join lines to interrupt the continuity of your selected benchtop (below). Then, if you have two or more adjacent cabinets to the RHS of your Barbeque, you will need to add a second Item Code 3B BT-x
  14. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 14: The minimum Depth (horizontally from Front to Back) of cabinets and benchtops is D=529mm. This base option suits restricted spaces where there is no vertical wall behind and above the outdoor kitchen benchtops, otherwise the roasting hood will interfere with the wall when opened and closed. If your specification is to include a Beverage Center or you require more generous bench space, you will need to select 3B BT-u in the quantity to match the quantity of 1B and 3B modules selected. This ensures that you obtain Depth D=700mm benchtops. If your design features a Beverage Centre, it must automatically have Depth D=700mm benchtops for all other 1B and 3B Cabinets. That is because the T40 Cabinet accommodates the Depth of the refrigeration appliance and the necessary allowances for air-flow and ventilation space behind it.
  15. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 15: to include a benchtop mounted, wood fired Pizza Oven, select from the available list. The Italian-manufactured Alfa 5-minuti Pizza Oven is a great choice for making one pizza at a time in just a few minutes. It fits entirely within the depth and width of one 3B CDK-1 Cabinet with no bench space to spare on either side. The Alfa 4-pizze is for serious pizza enthusiasts who want to cook four pizzas at a time. It requires a Benchtop Depth of D=1000mm. That requires Item Code 3B BT-z be applied to ALL Cabinets, increasing their depth to 1.0 metre and increasing the size, mass and price of the outdoor kitchen.
  16. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 16: To create a solid, durable, totally custom-made and aesthetically pleasing appearance for your Outdoor Kitchen, select the stainless steel plinth. The plinth panels enclose the air volume below the 1B, 3B and Barbeque cabinets, but not the BVC Cabinet, which stands directly on the ground. A dedicated area with smooth and level ground conditions is required for your Designer Series outdoor kitchen. If the floor is not level it will need to be accurately profiled in order to create inclined plinth panels to follow the fall for stormwater drainage.
  17. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 17: Specify your benchtops to be supplied in either t=20mm Natural Stone (Granite), t=20mm Engineered Stone (Quantum Quartz or Caesarstone) or t=35mm Stainless Steel. If stone, specifiy the material and colour name (go to
  18. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 18: If you require splashbacks, please specify Item Code 3B BT-S in the quantity that matches the total number of 1B, 3B, T40 and Barbeque modules you have selected. If the splashback is to return along a LHS or RHS wall, or both, add 3B BT-S in the additional quantity of 1 or 2 accordingly. Splashbacks are nominally H=150mm. If you require a different height splashback, please detail the custom height to which your splashback will extend.
  19. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 19: End Panels are available (from lowest to highest price) in: stainless steel (Item Code SSEP); compact laminate (CLEP) and stone (GWFE). Make your choice in the quantity corresponding to “both ends of the outdoor kitchen are visible and on display” (qty=2); only one end is on display and one end is fully concealed (qty = 1); and both ends are concealed, eg fitting within an alcove (qty=0)
  20. “Designer Series” Outdoor Kitchen step 20: For Sydney customers a shop pre-assembly service (for delivery in pre-assembled modules) is available, select Assembly. On-site Delivery service to deliver your assembled barbeque to its final operating location is available. For all other areas supply is in finished barbeque and cabinet modules, each separately bubble-wrapped, and containing easy to follow, assembly instructions. Assembling our outdoor kitchens is well within the capability of any tradesman or person familiar with using hand tools. A Phillips head cordless screwdriver and adjustable spanner are the only tools required to complete the final assembly of your outdoor kitchen.
  21. If it seems a bit confusing, don’t panic! Just call our office on 02 9773 6245 and one of our expert staff will talk you through how our outdoor kitchens work in minutes. You may also want to check out some of the recent installations in the Outdoor Kitchens Image Gallery for inspiration for your outdoor kitchen.