Free Standing BBQs Selection Guide

Please refer to the relevant images shown on the Pages 2 and 3 of the Lifestyle Brochure for the International Barbeque Range. Dimensions are shown at the bottom of page 2.

You can specify your own Lifestyle barbeque from our modular system by making a selection at each level of the guide below (email back your preferences and we will reply to you with a formal quotation) or better yet, call our office for expert advice and a quote on the spot.

  1. Frame Size. The first decision is for you to select the size of barbeque frame (BF) firebox size to suit the scale of your outdoor area and the numbers of people you wish to cater for. That is, 2-Burner with cooking area 480mm wide; 3-Burner (640mm wide); 4-Burner (800mm wide) or the big 5-Burner (960mm wide) cooking surface.
  2. Fuel Type. Then let us know if you wish to use propane fuel (9kg portable cylinders or large LPG cylinders for household gas supply) or Natural Gas (select NG KIT) or Charcoal.
  3. Gas Entry. Gas entry is on the right hand side of the barbeque frame. In certain circumstances ABM will convert to a left-hand side gas entry (select MLHS) at an additional price if it is required (NOTE: if a side burner is required, a Special LHS side burner must be ordered)
  4. Plate and Grill Combination. Then select your stainless steel plate and grill combination (or ‘burner pack'”, BPI). One burner pack price covers all plate and grill options for the barbeque frame size of your choice. You can customise your cooking surfaces, eg if you require more of the cooking area to be made up of grill rather than hot plate, or vice versa. (You may also require additional grills or plates to configure your cooking surfaces in a variety of ways for different recipes or numbers of guests). Please request the schedule of options for plate and grill size combinations for each barbeque size.
  5. Roasting Hood. You can select a Roasting Hood – International (RHI, with furnace grade ceramic glass viewing window) or a “lift away” flat stainless steel rain cover (RCF) instead.
  6. Cabinet Enclosure A fully enclosed International Trolley and Cabinet Kit (TCI) that is fitted with a “tilt-lift” door at the front is the best option for mobile BBQs. If the BBQ is to remain in one location on a totally flat surface then you may select a two drawer cabinet for under the BBQ (TCD).
  7. Plain Side Serveries or Side Burner. If you do not want a side burner with your barbeque, select the Plain Side Serveries Kit (S/S KIT). To have a side burner fitted (usually to the right hand side of the barbeque frame) and a Plain Side Servery to the opposite side, select the Side Burner Kit (S/B KIT).
  8. Accessories or upgrades. Select the accessory and/or upgrade items you need. Durable Tailored Barbeque Covers. Especially if your property is near the cost or you want to protect it well from the salt sea air, dust, leaf litter & insects then select the heavy duty hooded cover (CHD-1). Rotisserie. There are two rotisseries to choose from, the R KIT-3 with screw together shaft, prongs and 240V electric motor, or the R KIT-4 with a one piece shaft two sets of prongs and a veggie basket. The R Kit-4 is best suited to 4 or 5 burner BBQs because of the length of the shaft. Baking Dish. A Porcelain-Enamel Coated Cast-Iron Baking Dish and Lid (BDPE) makes possible a whole new array of recipes in your barbeque like slow-cooking casseroles, curries, pies, damper, poached eggs and so on – anything that requires retention of fluids (stock or sauces).
  9. Foot Detail. Our mobile barbeques are supplied on excellent quality light industrial castors as the standard, default option (no selection required). Only if you live right on the ocean seafront is it advisable to upgrade the 75kg load limit stainless steel castors (CSS). However, if you never intend to move your barbeque you can select screw-adjustable stainless steel legs (excellent for precise level adjustment – select LSS KIT) OR stainless steel plinth (most visually appealing option – select PLN KIT). Similarly if you live right on the ocean seafront, you may want to invest in precision-cast stainless steel burners (BSS) with 25-year warranty although the vitreous enamel coated cast-iron burners are perfectly adequate even in such corrosive environments. However, the best investment in accessory items is usually an Additional Stainless Steel Plate or Grill (PSS or GSS) to be able to instantly vary the proportion of plate and grill available to you depending on what quantities and what types of recipes you are creating. You will get frequent use from additional plates or grills over many years of barbequing.
  10. Assembly and/or Delivery. If you want your barbeque assembled select ASSY. If you want it delivered anywhere in the Sydney Metro area select DEL. (for other locations anywhere in Australia or internationally call or email to request delivery charge). If you want your barbeque assembled and delivered select BOTH items. Note that outside of Sydney barbeques are only delivered in flat pack form for you to assemble to our quality assembly instructions (obtainable from our website on the “My new Lifestyle BBQ” page).