Saturday cook up – BBQ Chook done on the “Roasta Prong”

It’s a tradition at lifestyle BBQs factory & showroom, that whoever pulls the Saturday shift gets to cook up something for lunch.

Today I’ve found a chook in the fridge and decided to cook it on the Roasta Prong.

The Roasta Prong is one of the best little BBQ accessories you will ever own. It’s not just good for chooks you can cook any piece of meat that will fit on it.

It’s simple to use and easy to wash up and a BBQ should be easy and that’s why it’s so perfect.

First thing is to wash the chook under cold water and dry with paper towels.

Next get a baking pan or even just an alfoil tray like I’ve used and put about a cup of water in it. The water just helps keep the moisture in the chook while you’re cooking it.

Next is to slide the Roasta Prong through the chook.

You’ll find that the wings and legs hang down so just grab a couple of bamboo skewers to pierce through the chook and hold them in place.

It’s a good idea to soak the skewers in water first so that the tips don’t burn during the cooking process.

On a 4 burner BBQ you’ll want to put the two outside burners on medium heat and leave the two middle ones off. Position the chook right in the middle as show in the picture below. Drizzle it will olive oil and add some sea salt.

It should take about an hour and twenty minutes in a 4 burner depending on the size of the chook. You can follow exactly the same procedure for a 3 or 5 burner BBQ it will just cook a little faster in the 3 burner and take a little longer in the 5 burner.

When you think its ready the best idea is to use a meat thermometer to test it. They are a really simple device and they work a treat.


John McGran
Lifestyle BBQs