Premium Stainless Steel

Built-In BBQs Sydney

Elevate your outdoor cooking with Lifestyle BBQs. Crafted from premium stainless steel, our Australian-made built-in BBQs combine maximum heat output and sleek aesthetics for an unparalleled grilling experience.


When it comes to transforming your outdoor entertainment area into a culinary haven, look no further than Lifestyle BBQs. Whether you’re building a brand-new outdoor kitchen or want to integrate a built-in BBQ into your current setup, Lifestyle BBQs stands out as the ultimate choice for premium stainless steel BBQs.

With an impressive legacy spanning almost 50 years, Lifestyle BBQs utilises premium 304-grade stainless steel in each built-in gas BBQ, ensuring exceptional performance and an enduring aesthetic that withstands the test of time.

Investing in a Lifestyle BBQs product isn’t just a simple purchase, either; it’s a pledge to quality backed by an incredible 25-year warranty. This warranty speaks volumes about the longevity and reliability of our products.

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Note: For a hassle-free installation process that ensures seamless integration into your outdoor kitchen, we recommend shipping your new built-in gas BBQ directly to your fabricator before the stone benchtops are cut. This meticulous approach ensures that every component fits flawlessly and exudes visual appeal.

Stainless Steel Built-In BBQs

Built-in BBQs are ideal for homeowners seeking space optimisation, streamlined aesthetics, and enhanced functionality. These BBQs blend seamlessly into outdoor kitchen designs, freeing up valuable space for outdoor entertaining with friends and family!

The benefits of a Lifestyle BBQ don’t end there:

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Why choose a Lifestyle International Barbeque?

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Lifestyle barbeques Sydney free standing barbeque

Roasting hood with wide ceramic glass viewing window and temperature gauge

Extra-wide side serveries strong enough to use for lifting the BBQ

Convenient tilting door retracts underneath the BBQ frame and right out of the way

Fully enclosed cabinet for safe storage of utensils and accessories

Electropolished stainless steel plates and grills are beautiful to cook on and easy to clean

Optional side burner allows you to cook sauces and marinades, steam, sauté and stir-fry without leaving the BBQ


Australian Designed
& Manufactured

For almost 50 years, Lifestyle BBQs has designed and manufactured exceptional built-in BBQs in Sydney. Marrying impeccable heat retention, corrosion resistance, and excellent performance, our stainless steel BBQs have become an iconic fixture in Australian outdoor entertaining areas.

Made With Premium
304 Grade Stainless Steel

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in using 304 stainless steel — a champion of corrosion resistance and heat endurance — safeguarding the robustness and timeless allure of your BBQ through the years.

Intuitive, easy to use & low- maintenance

Our outdoor built-in BBQs feature electropolished plates for unwavering durability. Rendered microscopically smooth, these plates transcend functionality, making cleaning a breeze, even after the messiest BBQ.


Yes, we have a range of built in kits to fit various dimensions. This adaptability ensures your BBQ fits into your outdoor kitchen design perfectly, whether it’s an existing structure or brand new joinery.

Yes, you can add side burners to your design — no special brackets are required. We can also supply fridges, sink packages and wood fired pizza ovens.

Yes you can and we can also offer advice to make sure it’s done correctly. As the leading built-in BBQ supplier in Sydney, we can also offer professional installation services to ensure a safe and proper installation.