A Step by Step Guide How to BBQ Steak

The question of how to BBQ steak is asked so often. It is one of those things that once you know how to do it properly you can reproduce it time and time again and wow! your family or barbecue guests. Many people get BBQing steak totally wrong. There are core elements to cooking the perfect steak that you have to take into account, from properly seasoning the meat to searing it and locking in those gorgeous juices. But that’s just the start of it. In the short video below I outline the exact method I use to BBQ the perfect steak each and every time. Watch this video once and you’ll be able to master one of the largest crowd-pleasers that you can possibly cook on a barbecue.

Your Step by Step Guide How to BBQ Steak

Enjoy cooking the perfect steak on your barbecue this summer!