BBQ Dinner for Eight

BBQ Dinner For Eight

This recipe is easy to prepare and tastes sensational. This dish is a real crowd pleaser perfect for Christmas dinner. A three-course meal cooked using only your lifestyle BBQ!

Saturday Cook Up – BBQ Chook on the ‘Roasta Prong’

The perfect roast chook

It’s a tradition at Lifestyle BBQs that whoever pulls the Saturday shift gets to cook up something for lunch. Today I’ve found a chook in the fridge and decided to cook it on the Roasta Prong, one of the best BBQ accessories you will ever own. It’s simple to use and easy to wash up.

Blair’s Seafood Packets

Blairs Seafood Packets

This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, needs virtually no supervision and tastes sensational. This dish is a real crowd pleaser! Best of all, your BBQ will be left perfectly clean.

Two Roasts on One Lifestyle BBQ… Too Easy!

two roasts

Because of the generous cooking area on a Lifestyle BBQ, it’s easy to cater for special occasions at home. How about cooking two beautiful roasts for Christmas day and keeping all the heat outside?

How to Use the Lifestyle Charcoal Roaster

charcoal roaster

Many customers have asked for the best method of lighting our Charcoal Roaster BBQ. I contacted Nazih from Organic BBQ Charcoal and got a few helpful tips from an expert. Naz was good enough to visit the Lifestyle factory in Padstow and give us a hand.